[TRAVEL] Adventures around Singapore

Despite vowing to write a weekly blog post, it’s been over two months since I last sent out an update. I promise that I have a good reason… in the month after I returned from Egypt and Dubai, I managed to visit four countries. One of the best perks about living in Singapore is the proximity to other countries in South East Asia and ease of travel in the region. This post will be about my most recent travels, and then I will catch up on other items in posts to follow.

First up was Bangkok, Thailand. My friend Paola was in Bangkok for work, so I arranged to go meet her for the weekend. Coincidently, it was the weekend of the new King of Thailand’s coronation (first time in 69 years). Unfortunately, most of the events were by royal invite only, so we didn’t get to experience the festivities. We had a great weekend of catching up, celebrating Paola’s engagement to Jordan and eating our way around the city. We managed to eat two of our five meals together at Michelin starred restaurants!

Next up was Hanoi, Vietnam. Lindsay and Eric were travelling through Vietnam after Dr. Lindsay finished medical school so I flew up for a short visit (another weekend, more visiting friends and another newly engaged couple!) We had a power tourist weekend in Hanoi, exploring the Old Quarter and checking out some museums and temples. A highlight was seeing the Temple of Literature, where students go to pray for good grades. We happened to arrive during graduation season and saw many classes posing for visits.

After that was Rawa, Malaysia. This weekend was slightly less cultural than previous weekend trips. A Canadian friend was celebrating his 30th birthday so he arranged a trip with ~30 friends to Rawa island in Malaysia. From Singapore, you can drive across the border to Malaysia and then it was a short ferry to the island. Our group basically took over the resort on the tiny island. We played some games, such as a team competition to read an entire book in one sitting, a dance off to Disney songs and a three legged race followed by juice drinking. (Well, these are loose approximations of the games for a family-friendly blog post).

The final trip of my travel month was to Batam, Indonesia. We had a Wednesday holiday (Hari Raya, to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the end of a month of fasting) so my small team at work decided to take the ferry across to Batam island. It’s only about a 40 minute boat ride, making it an easy trip from Singapore. We had some good team meals and a relaxing day off. It was a great team-building day.

Since then, I have been continuing to explore Singapore. Lots of love (and more to come) from the Fine City!

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